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November 14, 2014

Eggs Gone Missing

Earlier this week, I set up a still life. Those of you that have gone through this exercise know that it can take quite a bit of time to create a pleasing composition. Moving this and that, this way and that way, creating interesting intersections and slivers of light that mark the spaces between. It is so fun to finally get started (see below). 

I came back to the studio later to find egg shells strewn throughout the house, a couple of raw eggs on the studio floor, fortunately the rest of the still life was untouched—Spot! Our snack-thief-of-a-dog had helped himself. The eggs were broken, eaten and we later discovered hidden—squirreled away under the cushion of a chair in the living room was an unbroken egg. Clever and funny Spot.

work in progress

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  1. Hilarous! Glad you were able to "capture" the eggs before their demise. . .